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£¬Southern China's largest universal printer manufacturers - Sunthinks to provide you with professional UV printing equipment
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    Customer Frist;Service upmost
    ·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§. With our independent intellectual property rights
    2. Integrates development, production and marketing in the field of UV printer equipment
    3. Ricoh authorized manufacturer,·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§00% genuine print heads
    4. Export since 2002,with rich experiences to support your importing
    ·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§. CE,FCC passed
    2. LVC,EMC,DOC testing report is available
    3. SGS factory verified reports
    4. Alibaba assessed supplier(supplier assessment)
    ·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§. Self-design, Self-development
    2. ·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§00% full steel constructer to avoid deform after years working
    3. Imported genuine print heads, belts, parts
    4. Double UV LED curing systems
    5. X, Y, Z axis to guarantee accuracy and long time working
    6. German Colorgate, USA Photoprint RIP are available for choice
    7. Easy maintenance
    8. Printing testing before leaving factory
    ·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§. Factory free training, no time limited
    2. English engineers are available to visit abroad
    3. Skype phone, video support freely
    4. TeamViewer support freely

    About Sunthinks
    about Sunthinks

    Universal Printer First Brand

    Shenzhen Sunthinks Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional high-tech enterprise which specialized in manufacturing Industrial Digital Equipment. With our independent intellectual property r...    [Details]

    about sunthinks
    With the independent intellectual property rights, we integrate development, production and marketing in the filed of UV digital printing equipment.
    Sunthinks Patent Certificate

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    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.06.28
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    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.04.23
    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.03.·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§5

    UV tablet printers in the status of the adver

    In the field of UV printer manufacturers in the field of UV tablet printer has a wide range of appropriate use, often in the corresponding subway and a large variety of people flow on the occasion to see the shadow of the light box. Skills and material progress
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    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.08.·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9
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    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.06.2·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§
    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.05.23

    The development of universal printer price an

    Shenzhen universal flat-panel printer manufacturers - deep thought to explain to you the development of universal printer manufacturers, because the universal printer inkjet printing volume, faster than the increase in the value of shopping malls. This means that all UV inkjet uniform unit cost reduction together, the lower average unit price increase reflects the two main factors. Top of the list, professional experience and more production equipment will be the result of price reduction;
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    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.08.2·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§
    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.08.·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§4
    • 20·ΙΛΩ·ΙΝ§9.08.07
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